Diamond Cut Alloys Now Available!

Diamond Cut Alloys Now Available!

Specialist Cars Stevenage have just invested in a bespoke 'Diamond Cutting Machine' for Alloy Wheels at our Aftersales Centre.

Corrosion in diamond cut wheels is very common, and we have just the solution for just £95+VAT per Alloy Wheel.

With our bespoke in-house diamond cutting machine, we will provide you with the highest quality finish and our quickest turnaround time of approximately 48 Hours.

Diamond Cut Wheels are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with Premium Car Manufacturers as it creates a more distinctive and high end look, where the two-tone paint finish really adds to a cars appearance to create an eye catching and sporty look.

Like any alloy wheel, diamond cut wheels can get chipped and damaged. The difference from normal alloys is that they can’t be fixed in the same way through filling and spraying as you’d lose that clean-cut metal look. Diamond cutting involves removing a thin layer of alloy from the wheel using Specialist Machinery.

To enquire further about 'Diamond Cut Alloys' or to book an appointment, please call us on 01438 760260!