10 fun facts on our BMW PHEV Range


10 fun facts on our BMW PHEV Range


Did you know... 

1. A PHEV is powered by both a Combustion Engine and a Electric Motor. 

2. There are 14 BMW Plug-in Hybrids in our BMW range. 

3. There are more electric charging points then fueling stations in the UK.

4. There are appropriately 28,329 public charging points in the UK.

5. That all BMW Plug-in Hybrids are classed as 'Ultra low emission vehicles'. 

6. The BMW 330e can be fully powered for as little as £1.06.

7. That the electric driving range of the BMW X5 xDrive45e is 54.1 miles. 

8. That the BMW 330e Saloon won 3 awards in 'In the What Car?' 2020 awards - including Best Plug-in Hybrid. 

9. That a BMW Plug-on Hybrid can be charged during its journey. It regains part of its energy when braking. 

10. That when using a home BP home-charging wall box, the BMW PHEV range charge cycle can be reduced to as little as 4 hours.