BMW Head-Up Screens at Specialist Cars

BMW Head-Up Screens at Specialist Cars

The BMW Head-up Screen displays important car and navigation information directly in your line of vision, so you can concentrate fully on the road ahead. Installed on the dashboard, the adjustable LED screen ensures key information is accessible and easy to read, at night or in direct sunlight. Navigation data is displayed via a free Garmin app, while the Head-Up Screen app allows you to control the settings of the Head-Up Screen.


Vehicle information displayed includes: Vehicle speed, power and fuel level

Navigation data via Garmin app includes: Lane assist, speed limit and traffic warnings

Fully installed for £449.00

For more information on the BMW integrated navigation package or to see if it fits in your BMW, please contact our parts teams:

Tring - 01442 890666.

Stevenage - 01438 760 200.

Luton - 01582 590700.