What happens next?

What happens next?

· Few people have more than one accident every six years which means that most people are unaware of how to manage the post accident process with the least inconvenience. Working alongside our Accident Management colleagues we help our customers navigate their way through the problems which may arise resulting from the accident..

· Call us on 01462443838. Please have as much information as you can to hand relating to the accident circumstances and the details of the third party. We will guide you through what should happen next and often provide you with details of our Accident management company who will take away any concerns you have. We will need details of the third party vehicle registration, the vehicle make and model, the insurance company and the insurance policy number together with your details and the name and address of any witnesses.

· We will organise your repairs and book your vehicle into our body repair shop so that the damage can be assessed, and the cost to repair can be established. We can also speak with your insurer to ensure your car is repaired to a high standard that does not compromise the future value of your vehicle.

· As soon as you give us the go ahead for the work we agree a schedule for the work and provide you with a replacement vehicle.Alternatively if the accident was not your fault we will work with our Accident Management Company to ensure you are provided with a replacement vehicle for the period that you are deprived of the use of your vehicle. This cost will be recovered from the insurer of the negligent third party

· We will keep you informed of your repairs and ensure any inconvenience is kept to an absolute minimum.

Once repairs to your vehicle are complete, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you to collect your vehicle. We will ask you to sign a repair satisfaction note to make sure you are happy with our craftsmanship.