Who do I go to for Insurance work?

Who do I go to for Insurance work?

Do not be misled or bullied by your insurance company when you need to make a claim. Call Us First.

The first thing you are encouraged to do by your insurers is "You have to use our approved repairer". This is misleading guidance and often results in cars being sent to non BMW experts providing poor repairs which risk the long term value of your car residual value.

Your absolute legal right is to choose your own repair centre. The choice is the customer's and no one else's.

The second thing often quoted by Insurer's is, "should you choose your own repairer, you need to get two independent quotes." Again, this is misleading to discourage you,by wasting your valuable time running around all the local accident repair centres to get two unnecessary quotes. You only need one quote and we will take care of that for youby dealing directly with your insurer. If you would prefer to get additionalquotes this is no problem.

The third thing by your insurers, is that "should you choose to use your own accident repair centre, you may not get a courtesy car, and work carried out will not be guaranteed to the standard of our approved repairer, and that the insurance company will not take responsibility for inferior work of an independent repairer". Clever but not true.

We provide courtesy cars when they are needed and we guarantee our work to authorised BMW standards which is often far higher than non-approved centres. We need to preserve our own good reputation along with our sister authorised Dealership's at Stevenage, Luton and Tring.

Finally we always ask our customers to sign a satisfaction note when you collect your car. This ensures we have completed the work to your satisfaction and helps us collect the money from your insurance company.